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Pipe Bomb Perfume


Pipe Bomb Perfume

$ 88.00 $ 38.00

A little something for women at Oxn. Even though it's a men's store I still want to make sure I have a little selection for women to get something they love.

SCENT NOTES: salt water, metal, amber

DETAILS: At first, all you can smell is a faint spark; something sharp and bright leading down the fuse to a fragrant explosion. Literally, this perfume starts very quiet and takes about ten minutes for the fuse to burn down. Synthesized with the finest raw materials, Pipe Bomb moves from scent to scent within its composition, dazzling with each shift. Like an underwater firecracker bundled with incense, light saltwater notes meld with hot metal to create an inviting, warm glove that shapes differently to fit each wearer's hand. Legal in all 50 states.