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Mizuchi Perfume


Mizuchi Perfume

$ 38.00 $ 25.00

The Mizuchi perfume by Blackbird is a little something for women at Oxn. Even though it's a men's store I still want to make sure I have a little selection for women to get something they love.

SCENT NOTES: ink, paper, mild tobacco, dry woods

DETAILS: There’s a familiarity here difficult to place yet strangely close, foreign and yet oddly comforting. Mizuchi transports the wearer into the future through the science of reduction, building an eloquent olfactory phrase with only one note. If you can imagine yourself somewhere between a calligrapher's inkwell, the pencil shavings on the floor of an architect's studio, and the faint scent of blueprints, you're on your way to understanding Mizuchi. That said, Mizuchi truly smells like nothing other than itself.