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The Definition of a Quality Work Shirt

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with a ‘work shirt.’ I had never really seen a work shirt growing up. My dad was a salesman so it was ties and white button-ups. He didn’t have work shirts in his closet. Not the type that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the type of work shirt your grandfather would wear while he worked in the yard in the fall. The denim button up cross between a jacket and a shirt that's comfortable enough to wear in all circumstances. Wheather running to the grocery store or to the market on a Saturday morning, it is a shirt that reminds me of home and the essence of physical productivity. Rogue...

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Father's Day at Oxn.

Father's Day isn't easy for me. It's just not a day that I deal with very well with right now. I know that will change in time. I will come to embrace it again, but right now it just isn't the type of day that I look forward to. My father passed away on May 29th, 2012. I opened Oxn on May 29, 2015. If it wasn't for the lessons he taught me, the times he made me laugh, the way he taught me to joke around, and the wisdom that he installed in me day after day I wouldn't be opening Oxn right now. He didn't only tell me how to live. He also lived his life and let...

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How Reddit Helped Me Open a Retail Store

I used to make fun of Reddit. I thought it was like a more “grown up” 4chan–and maybe it kind of is. But once you learn how to use it for your benefit it can be an endless wealth of knowledge and information. I have been a Reddit user for about 3 years now, and the only reason that I joined in the first place was because I found /r/rawdenim. It’s a complete area of the internet where all anyone talks about is blue jeans. Over and over. Day after day. There are 23,000 people with accounts on a website where they talk about blue jeans, which means there are way more that just look around. I was hooked pretty...

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Product Spotlight: Apolis Market Bag

Apolis, from Los Angeles, CA, is making its Memphis debut at Oxn. It was important to me for Oxn to represent Apolis in the city of Memphis. I have always been fond of their aesthetics, their team, their look, and most importantly their mission. Let’s start with the Apolis Market Bag. The Bangladesh Project features the Market Bag. And that product alone defines Apolis and what kind of company they are. Bangladesh, founded in 1971, has been through hell on earth over the last 40 years: famines, diseases, and country-wide poverty. Apolis noticed they the women there created a fabric that they just thought was wonderful. Apolis worked with the female co-op to develop a fair-wage model where the women...

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Where Oxn Started

One January 1, 2013 I began wearing my very first pair of Rogue Territory Stantons. This was the brand and the jean that changed the way that I wear and buy clothes, and partly the reason Oxn exists today. I learned about these brands that create and manufacture in the United States and care about the products they make. Brands like Rogue Territroy, Apolis, Ewing Dry Goods - these are brands I found through blogs and Instagram and began to just follow, interact, and purchase from. That pair of original Rogue Territory Stanton's have just become retired. When I started wearing them they were tight, slightly uncomfortable, but more than anything they were mine. And they were going to tell my...

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