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Oxn’s Pop-Up is Closing

The Oxn pop-up is coming to an end. As of right now, Oxn will be closing on December 31st, 2015. Even though the store was part of a pop-up program--MEMShop--that lasted until October 31, I was able to keep the doors open through the holiday season. If you haven’t gotten the chance to come in, you still have some time. (You should also keep an eye out on social media for some sales.)

Why is the physical location closing?

Oxn was an experiment on a shoestring budget. I, Zac, took the entire thing on by myself. Launching this store is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Dealing with licenses, bookkeeping, building a website, managing inventory, buying, how to ‘break-even’, and so much more--I learned more than I ever thought I could and was pushed harder than I thought I’d be pushed.

I made many mistakes. I did things right too, but I definitely made many mistakes. I bought too much inventory up front, I didn’t start with enough money in the bank, I didn’t pick the best location, or budget properly for marketing. I did put my entire heart and soul into it. That is something I did right. I may not have had a retail background, but I had passion, and that took me further than I ever thought it would.

What’s next for Oxn?

Oxn, the brand, isn’t going away. It’s something that I want to grow into a physical location again. I will continue to be an online shop, and I will do trunk shows and pop-ups around town. I may reach out to other retailers in town and do pop-ups and collaborations if that’s something they’re interested in doing. All the while, I’ll be growing my bank account back up and looking for the perfect location in Memphis for Oxn to put down roots.