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A High Quality Pocket Dump

"What’s your everyday carry?”

Showing what you carry and how you carry it is something that people, including myself, nerd out about. Whether it’s the flashlight someone is carrying (mine is attached to my iPhone), or the pen someone carries in their back pocket, people want to know what is in everyone else’s pockets at the end of the day.

One company, M & U, took their eye for design and craftsmanship and developed products that you put in your pockets everyday—and the catch-all to hold them all at the end of the day, too. M & U built something timeless and useful by finding their voice. The Brooklyn-based company focused on 3 materials: wood, brass, and leather. With those 3 timeless materials, they knew they could create products for the modern gentleman that would get carried everyday. Whether it’s a catch-all, a key ring, or a wallet or card sleeve of some type, M & U want your accessories to wear well with age and develop character over time.

The little things were nothing I had ever really cared about. The things mentioned above: the key rings, money clips, wallets, and random bowl to hold the stuff from my pockets at the end of day. A plastic bin from Wal-Mart was absolutely fine to hold my ‘pocket dump.’ A wallet or money clip from Stein Mart was perfect to hold my cards and money, and the $1.50 carabiner from Home Depot was absolutely great to hold my keys.

I thought that for way too long. It took tearing up my jeans and pants with the carabiner, it took me looking for the ‘perfect money clip,’ and it wasn’t until the plastic bin next to my bed was filled with movie ticket stubs and dusty pennies before I knew that I needed something that looked better, was more functional, and was something I could have pride in using and carrying everyday.

The little things are still what makes the big things fall into place. The cleanliness of the bed side table, not losing or misplacing my keys, and knowing my wallet/money clip are always in my front right pocket.

M & U might not be the next clothing giant, but they don’t want to be. They want to make sure the things you care about are kept together by things you care about.

(You'll also see that the wallets are made out of one piece of leather to add to the character and simplicity of the their design.)