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Brand Introduction: Freenote Cloth

I had seen Freenote Cloth in passing. In passing means on social media. I had seen them tagged in an Instagram post, or maybe someone bought a pair of their jeans and posted about that on reddit. That’s about the only place I had seen Freenote though.

It wasn’t until I happened upon their booth at Liberty Fairs, met David, and met the Freenote brand that I even cared about them. He starts by talking about a pair of khakis. And I’m sure that you’re aware that I’m not much of a khakis guy. Up until recently I didn’t even own a pair, but I’m starting to come around. It hasn’t been that hard, just slow. So when someone like David, who has judged a denim contest, comes at me with a pair of khaki’s - he must think these khakis are badass.


And they are.

This is a brand that has only been around since 2013. Came on the scene in the denim world. Their denim used the best resources from Japan with the best resources from States. They came into an market where you had to make a name for yourself. And Freenote does with with another pair of jeans. And they branched off from there. And here I am, looking at a pair of khakis.

He comes at me with a brushed Japanese twill that is straight out of Heaven. It feels softer than a 4700 thread count down comforter. It is the softest pair of pants I’ve ever felt. No doubt about it. And they’re not too skinny and they’re not ’regular fit’ either. It fits right in that perfect pocket of pant that fits like they should. Freenote calls this a ‘Worker’s Pant’ for a reason. The reason is because you can move in them. You can climb rocks in them, you can attend church in them, you can even wrestle bears in them.

They’re not just going to fall apart on you. The corozo buttons hold them up and the binding on the interior is solid. Along with the binding they added a little bit of detail with a beautiful shade of red fabric on the inside. And, if you do have to lose that bear fight, you’re at least going to look good dead, and that custom leather patch on the back is going to stay attached after that vicious fight.


I couldn’t just end with a pair of pants. So I added on an indigo gingham button up to the store. This is the perfect weight shirt for the falls in Memphis. It’s for going to the office on a Thursday and straight to the Levitt Shell for a fall performance and a picnic.

The indigo gingham is a Japanese fabric that is indigo dyed and makes for no other type of ‘navy gingham’ you’re going to be able to get in Memphis this fall. The horn buttons create a contract and a texture that makes the shirt rich in color and in style.