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The Definition of a Quality Work Shirt

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with a ‘work shirt.’ I had never really seen a work shirt growing up. My dad was a salesman so it was ties and white button-ups. He didn’t have work shirts in his closet. Not the type that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the type of work shirt your grandfather would wear while he worked in the yard in the fall. The denim button up cross between a jacket and a shirt that's comfortable enough to wear in all circumstances. Wheather running to the grocery store or to the market on a Saturday morning, it is a shirt that reminds me of home and the essence of physical productivity.

Rogue Territory and Snake Oil Provisions made a work shirt together in 2013 and that’s when I was determined to find out what one really was.

For Christmas 2013 I received the collaboration shirt between one of my favorite companies and the best store (I know of) in Long Beach, CA. Karl and Ben picked a 10 oz. indigo dyed Japanese canvas fabric and got super crazy with the dying process. The canvas that they picked had been created and dyed in a way in a way thats much like rope dyeing. After they did a ‘rince wash’ of the shirt they realized that no two shirts were alike. They knew each shirt was going to develop different than all the others, which is what a work shirt should do. Become your own, because a part of the family.

Here are some pictures from RgT that shows the shirt when you bought it. As you can see they also went with a triple stitch. This shirt is so durable.


I have worn mine pretty regularly, depening on the weather over the past year a half. Below you’ll see what it’s turned into. It hasn’t been washed yet by me at all, and it has turned into the Oxn shop ‘jacket.’ I use it when the AC is working just a little too well and I need to warm up just a little bit.

Here are a couple pictures. And the full gallery is right over on my tumblr.