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Father's Day at Oxn.

father's day memmphis 2015

Father's Day isn't easy for me. It's just not a day that I deal with very well with right now. I know that will change in time. I will come to embrace it again, but right now it just isn't the type of day that I look forward to.

My father passed away on May 29th, 2012.

I opened Oxn on May 29, 2015.

If it wasn't for the lessons he taught me, the times he made me laugh, the way he taught me to joke around, and the wisdom that he installed in me day after day I wouldn't be opening Oxn right now. He didn't only tell me how to live. He also lived his life and let me watch him do it. Watching the way he treated my mother, treated the dogs, and treated me is enough to know that I was very lucky to have the childhood I had and I hope that one day I can give the same to someone. 

He understood quality in products and in life and let that shine through. My mom would always say my father was the definition of a 'quality man.' I saw it happen.

It's been just over 3 years since my father's passing and it still isn't a thing that gets easier. I still think about him often, laugh about the things he did, and try my best to remember the good times. Even though the thoughts aren't as present as they were on Father's Day 3 years ago, I'm always reminded around this time of year just how good of a dad he was.

I want to carry his legacy through the shop and make sure that I don't let the memories slip away. Even in his sickest days he made sure to find a way to laugh and make those around him laugh.

This store and Father's Day is about celebration. About celebrating the better days, the good memories, and the products that make us the men we are today.