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Product Spotlight: Apolis Market Bag

Apolis, from Los Angeles, CA, is making its Memphis debut at Oxn. It was important to me for Oxn to represent Apolis in the city of Memphis. I have always been fond of their aesthetics, their team, their look, and most importantly their mission.

Let’s start with the Apolis Market Bag.

apolis market bag memphis oxn

The Bangladesh Project features the Market Bag. And that product alone defines Apolis and what kind of company they are.

Bangladesh, founded in 1971, has been through hell on earth over the last 40 years: famines, diseases, and country-wide poverty. Apolis noticed they the women there created a fabric that they just thought was wonderful. Apolis worked with the female co-op to develop a fair-wage model where the women would weave the fabric and send it to Los Angeles and there Apolis would create a bag.

Using vegetable leather and antique nickel rivets, the famous Apolis Market Bag was created, and it’s a thing of beauty.

Using the same fabric and the same technique Apolis has created other bags over time using the same fabric and system, but with different cuts and uses. They created a gorgeous picnic and wine tote as well.

As I was preparing for the opening of Oxn, I pulled out my picnic and wine tote and have used it to carry everything back and forth between the shop and the house. It’s my go-to bag these days for transporting stuff. Anything really. My computer, speaker, headphones--all the way down to beer and groceries.

If you come in the shop you'll often see a market bag sitting by my feet, holding all my goods, or maybe you'll see me around town carrying the tote. But now you'll know a little bit more detail and understand where it came from and why I'm proud to use it as a daily bag.