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Where Oxn Started

One January 1, 2013 I began wearing my very first pair of Rogue Territory Stantons. This was the brand and the jean that changed the way that I wear and buy clothes, and partly the reason Oxn exists today. I learned about these brands that create and manufacture in the United States and care about the products they make.

Brands like Rogue Territroy, Apolis, Ewing Dry Goods - these are brands I found through blogs and Instagram and began to just follow, interact, and purchase from.

That pair of original Rogue Territory Stanton's have just become retired. When I started wearing them they were tight, slightly uncomfortable, but more than anything they were mine. And they were going to tell my story.

For over 2 years I wore this pair of jeans over 400 times and washed them only twice. Some of you will think that sounds completely insane, others will understand - it's for the love of the game.

And of course, the butt

These jeans have been through a lot. Love found, love lost, chasing squirrels in the attic, first dates, last dates, office work, running for connecting flights, visiting Blue Owl workshop, slipping inside Imogene + Willie and slipping out unnoticed.

These Stanton's tell my story and no one else's. They're like old socks that you just don't want to throw away.

These jeans will retire on the wall of Oxn. They're going to hang there to let people know there's always a story behind living your life.