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What I Learned (& Lost) About Opening a Men's Boutique

I found out I couldn’t handle running a business all by myself. I mentioned it shortly in the last post, but ultimately, Oxn is closing because I couldn’t run an entire brick and mortar retail business completely by myself. Before I opened a retail store everyone told me, “You know this is a lot of work?” and “You know this is a hard thing to do?” And I would say, “So they say." I didn’t want to live my life wondering, “What if I had taken that chance?”. I knew I didn’t want to regret it. And as Chuck Klosterman said, “The biggest element in life is going to be chance. You have to be ready to take the leap...

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Oxn’s Pop-Up is Closing

The Oxn pop-up is coming to an end. As of right now, Oxn will be closing on December 31st, 2015. Even though the store was part of a pop-up program--MEMShop--that lasted until October 31, I was able to keep the doors open through the holiday season. If you haven’t gotten the chance to come in, you still have some time. (You should also keep an eye out on social media for some sales.) Why is the physical location closing? Oxn was an experiment on a shoestring budget. I, Zac, took the entire thing on by myself. Launching this store is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Dealing with licenses, bookkeeping, building a website, managing inventory,...

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A High Quality Pocket Dump

"What’s your everyday carry?” Showing what you carry and how you carry it is something that people, including myself, nerd out about. Whether it’s the flashlight someone is carrying (mine is attached to my iPhone), or the pen someone carries in their back pocket, people want to know what is in everyone else’s pockets at the end of the day. One company, M & U, took their eye for design and craftsmanship and developed products that you put in your pockets everyday—and the catch-all to hold them all at the end of the day, too. M & U built something timeless and useful by finding their voice. The Brooklyn-based company focused on 3 materials: wood, brass, and leather. With those...

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Brand Introduction: Freenote Cloth

I had seen Freenote Cloth in passing. In passing means on social media. I had seen them tagged in an Instagram post, or maybe someone bought a pair of their jeans and posted about that on reddit. That’s about the only place I had seen Freenote though. It wasn’t until I happened upon their booth at Liberty Fairs, met David, and met the Freenote brand that I even cared about them. He starts by talking about a pair of khakis. And I’m sure that you’re aware that I’m not much of a khakis guy. Up until recently I didn’t even own a pair, but I’m starting to come around. It hasn’t been that hard, just slow. So when someone like...

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Liberty Fairs & Capsule: Trade Shows & Experience

Opening Oxn has been a dream come true. It’s been so much work, yet at the same time, it’s been so much fun. I knew there would be long hours, endless hours sitting in a store by myself, but I also knew a ton of moments would be fun. I knew a couple of those moments would be the trade shows in NYC. Last week I was able to attend Project NYC, (capsule), Liberty Fairs and MAN trade shows in New York, as well as see a few galleries, go to a few bars, and eat pizza. And visit the Museum of Modern Art for the first time. In case you’re unaware, twice a year all the brands that Oxn...

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